8 Most Common Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

When preparing for an interview we are unaware of the fact that what’s going to be asked in the interview or what are the answers to the most commonly questions asked by the recruiter. Not sure? Well, we have gathered the most commonly asked interview questions by the recruiter that will help you to be prepared for the unexpected questions that companies usually ask while taking an interview so that they can see the potential of an employee to give the answers to the unexpected questions honestly. And that’s where we want to save you up. So, a list of “most common interview questions asked by the recruiter”.

1. What makes you the best person for this position?

So basically, the hiring manager or the recruiter first question usually comes up with this. To show the hiring manager that you’re the best, you have to tell them in a way that you’re better than all the other candidates. Of course, you don’t know that what skills they’re good at but generally people stick to the job description. when answering these types of interview questions, you need to make sure to go beyond that and say in what more you can give from your knowledge and skills to make this job better. You can even propose a couple of improvements to be done in the job.

2. Why should we hire you?

You should save your good answer for this common interview questions asked by the recruiter. You need to do a complete research work about the company, the department that you’ve been applying for and what are their future goals are, and how can you participate in it and make it better by your skills and knowledge. This is actually a trigger question where the company is asking that how can you benefit them. In your answer, you should deliver a clear message to the hiring manager that you will fit well into the team and the work environment and that you’re better than rest of the candidates. It is one of the easiest and most commonly asked interview questions.

3. Can you tell me a little more about yourself?

This is the very first question that the recruiter asks having your resume in their hand, so it is important not just to repeat what’s on your resume. Don’t make it look that you’re already rehearsed for the questions. Instead, imagine yourself as a product that you’re trying to sell. In about 3 to 4 sentences you have to give the recruiter enough reason to hire or in other words buy you. Let them know about your strengths and accomplishments. Also, mention some of your good personal traits that how would these help up in your job.

4. How did you hear about the position?

A very easy question asked by every recruiter while asking the interview questions. All they want to know is that why did you send your resume to apply for this company. The HR person wants to know that why in particular you applied for this job post and what caught your attention. While answering just be specific and honest about it and let them know that where have you heard about the job offer -either through a friend, social media or just a random job site or group.

5. What do you know about the company?

About this question asked in the interview questions it's always best to gain as much knowledge about the company as possible at first. Don’t just read the “about us” section that you learn it from the company’s website in front of the recruiter which he already knows. He actually wants to know that whether you care about the company and identify the company’s mission and goals. Personalize your answer by adding why you want to work for this particular company and what reasons you have identified with it. You can learn more about the company from various sources and try add it to them in your answer too.

6. What are your professional strengths?

The answer to this most commonly asked interview question is not to put a list of your strengths in front of the recruiter as he can already see that in your resume. Instead, pick two or three eminent one and elaborate them. You can mention other strengths too that are not added to the resume but asked in the job description that will immediately grab the attention of the recruiter. Be specific by telling them the strengths mentioned in the position. Don’t use phrases like “I have excellent communication skills”. Instead, if you want to point out something you’re great at give concrete examples and demonstrate it in a particular situation.

7. What do you consider your greatest professional achievement?

It is an important question where you can connect your professional achievements being helpful for the position mentioned in the future. You might have thought of explaining this answer with your years of experience and achievements but it’s not really like that. Even with your smallest or minor achievements, you can do good. To mention a minor accomplishment, it will include a skill or a trait crucial for the job in question. An example of it would be that if you’re applying for a position as a marketing manager but don’t have notable experience, think of a time when you strike an idea that helped a product in marketing and tell them what strategy you used for it. It is the best answer for the interview question.

8. What are your weaknesses?

In the end, the trickiest question asked in the interview questions. It’s always difficult to mention or talk about your weaknesses in front of someone whom you want to impress by. The best point of answering these type of questions is to show your weakness in something that can always be improved. You should be able to build a trust in your recruiter by letting them know that you have the potential to improve and come out with a positive outcome.

With these 8 questions and answers, you will be fully prepared to go out for any job interview and ace in it without any hesitation or tension that builds up to ruin up your interview day. Just be prepared for these most common interview questions and answer confidently to impress up your recruiter. Good luck :)

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