5 Critical Ways AmazeTal is Different Than Traditional Job Boards

One of the questions we often get asked here at AmazeTal is “How are you different than the other job boards out there?”

We love any and every opportunity to answer this question because we built Amazetal to be different than all the other job boards out there.

We believe the current recruiting system is broken—for both job seekers and employees—and have witnessed firsthand the amount of time, money and emotional energy wasted because of this archaic system. So we created AmazeTal to offer transparency, opportunities and services that traditional job boards, staffing agencies and recruiters don’t.

Here are the top five ways we are thrilled to be different:

1) AmazeTal is a two-way street: candidates can apply for jobs, and employers can apply for candidates.
There are 427,000 resumes posted on Monster.com alone each week. According to Unbridled Talent, 30% of all Google searches—about 300 million per month—are employment related.

And yet, the way traditional job boards are designed, it’s up to job seekers to find and apply to the jobs they think they’re best suited for. Companies are only able to upload their job description and hope it reaches the right audience—leaving them powerless in the recruiting process..

We’ve created our online marketplace to be a two-way street. Through AmazeTal’s Spotlight platform, employers can reach out directly to the candidates of their choosing and (even better!) make offers to those candidates directly.

2) We vet and highlight our top candidates.
Through our Spotlight platform, we also vet and highlight our top candidates.

On  traditional job boards, hiring managers are left to sort through the thousands of resumes they receive on their own and vet candidates to the extent they’re able to.

When they hire inefficient, expensive headhunters and/or staffing agencies to help vet candidates (who are asking all the wrong questions based on the archaic recruiting system), employers often continue to be disappointed with the pool of candidates they’re sent.

We’ve created a sophisticated vetting strategy which includes complex algorithms, a skills test and an evaluation by industry experts so we’re able to vet and highlight top candidates on our platform that employers can then easily sift through.

3) We include information about each job opportunity that other job boards don’t offer.
According to WePow, the five biggest considerations candidates think about before accepting a job offer are salary and compensation; career growth opportunities; work-life balance; location/commute and the company’s culture and values.

And yet, most job boards offer little to none of that information, focusing primarily on the role responsibilities and daily tasks.

Which means job seekers apply for jobs without the critical pieces of information they need to make an informed decision and employers receive either unqualified candidates or candidates who end up declining the offer when they learn more about the role in their final interviews.

Which equals more wasted time and money.

On AmazeTal’s job marketplace, here are the pieces of critical information we include with each job description:

Salary Range, Bonus details, Sponsorship details, Relocation details, Hiring Time, Interview Process, Benefits and Perks, Role Seniority

We also include a branded company profile page so candidates can get a look and feel of the company—and hear from current employees!—before they ever apply.

4) We use  career experts to help evaluate our candidates.
This is great for both job seekers AND employers.

For job seekers, it means that whether you need a one-time strategy session or ongoing career coaching, we have career experts on staff to help you search for specific jobs, apply for the Spotlight program, prepare for interviews and so much more.

These career experts are not only deeply knowledgeable about what it takes to get hired—they’re also experts on what it takes to get hired in the tech and data science industries. They know the specific skillsets, experiences and credentials employers are looking for and are on board to help you differentiate yourself from the competition and land your next opportunity.

Employers are thrilled to know we have career experts on staff, as well, since their expertise and coaching only makes the candidates that much more qualified and credible.

5) We’re solely focused on the technology and data science industries.
For the time being, we’re growing the AmazeTal community to be focused solely on the technology and data science industries. Instead of job seekers sifting through thousands of jobs to find the ones in their industry, or recruiters and hiring managers sifting through thousands of resumes from (mostly) unqualified candidates, job seekers and employers in this industry have an easier time connecting, applying to and interviewing one another.

Ready for a different job seeking or recruiting experience? We’d love to welcome you!

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